Nov. 4th Sunday League Schedule

Here is the schedule for Sunday Nov. 4th. There will be a Learn to Curl starting at 2:45 before the League games, and there is a rumor of pizza after the Learn to Curl.

Sunday November 4th
Sheet Draw 1: 4:50 to 6:20
A Rock On!! vs Yellowstones
B That’s How We Do! vs House Rock
C Broom Shakalaka vs Rocks of Ages
D Sharp Shooters vs Curlmasters
Sheet Draw 2: 6:30 to 8:00
A Hot Toddies vs Stone Cold
B Wild Fire On Ice vs Sweep this Bleep
C Spoilers vs Kind of a Big Deal
D Button Blasters vs The Dng Shrt & Crly Gng
Sheet Draw 1: 8:10 to 9:40
A Sticks & Stones vs Curl Haggard
B Drinks are on You vs Two girls one stone
C Blue Moose Curlers vs
D 4 Brooms 8 Stones vs Two Brooms one rock