League Registration


League Team Registration

The 2017/2018 curling season will consist of four curling leagues held on Sundays and Thursdays. 

Curling fees are $280 for the Sundays League and $190 for the Thursdays league, per team. This fee covers indoor ice time rental, curling stone lease, and operational costs. Every member of a team must also become members of the Bozeman Curling Club. This one time fee of $35 covers the whole 2017/2018 season. Please have your team members follow the above link to register. If you provide their email when registering we can also send out reminders.

If you have someone that wants to sponsor your team, let them know that we are a 501 C (3) non-profit and that sponsor fees can be tax deductible.

An invoice will be sent once your registration is processed. Teams are not considered registered until all fees are paid.